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Our driving goal is to enable young people to unlock their limitless potential.

EMpower brings smart money to power smart solutions with and for young people in emerging markets.


Those solutions are centered around supporting young people both now and in the future, focusing on their well-being, needs, and contributions today—laying the groundwork for them to reach their full potential tomorrow. Young people’s success is essential in its own right. But we also know that their success will ripple out to benefit their families, communities, and nations, and, we believe this ripple effect is a powerful investment in our collective future.

That’s why EMpower has been channeling the powerful resources and know-how of the finance and philanthropic sectors toward better, faster, bolder investing in young people for more than 23 years. Now, in our third decade, we’re mobilising with our global network of peers and partners to deliver more and bigger grants, made better through youth-centred decision-making and an expanded footprint on the ground.


We build connections across borders, sectors and generations.


EMpower’s roots reach back to 2000, when a group of finance professionals came together around giving back to the emerging market countries where they did business. Over the years, we have sharpened our strategic focus to dedicate our grantmaking to marginalised youth—especially girls—because it’s time the resources available to young people begin to match their enormous potential.

And though our global reach has grown—supporting grantee partners across 15 EM countries with a global team spanning from Hong Kong to London—we remain agile. It’s this small-but-mighty status that allows us to create our “hummingbird effect”: EMpower moves quickly across borders, sectors, and generations, cross-pollinating learnings and connections to move our entire network forward.

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29 January 2024
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